Eastern Egg Game Jam

My eastern looks strangely devoid of activity, so I will be co-hosting a Game Jam with my roommate. From this weeks friday to monday, we will be making a game at our place.

I plan to do a visual novel and integrate it into Script Frenzy and my new Hammer editor skillz.

My plan is as follows.
Friday : writing the script using Celtx.
The story will happen in the near future, after a quick and bold alien invasion, that has made Earth a municipality in the great galactic union. Cities are in a bad shape, but school will be starting anyway. The player will meet resistance members and alien transfer students and learn how things are going in the galaxy.

At the end of the day I should have the first, unedited version of the script and a list of necessary character and background images.

Saturday: Drawing the characters and creating locations in Hammer.
It’s hard to evaluate how long this will take, but I’ll make the script use as few characters and different locations as possible.

Before sunday I should have enough assets to create the events in the script.

Sunday: Combining the script and images into a Ren’Py script file.
I’ll be revising the script as I go and making tweaks if necessary.

Monday: Playtesting, correcting typos and tweaking around.
Last day is my reserve day if something takes longer than expected. And on the other hand, if there is time left I will be trying to make some music and sounds.

Eastern Egg Game Jam - you never know what comes out.