The Stanley Parable

Late friday night I played The Stanley Parable, a mod for Half Life 2, (but you should not need to have half life 2 in order to play it)

I thought I would just check it out but…. see for yourself. I really enjoyed it, as I like all the shows and games that question and warp the expectations of their format.

In the game you play as Stanley, a numbered office worker in a setting that reminds me of the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam. A soothing voice is narrating Stanleys actions as he goes through a special day in the office, or does he now?

I wonder if there are similar games out there.

Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition + Cool Mods

During last few nights I have been playing Dragon Age and so totally into it right now. Skyrim and Mount and Blade were the first big RPGs I played and they were so wonderful. But when I started playing this one I realised what was missing in them for me.
The characters and choises. In Mount and Blade you can make choices, but none of them really have to do with your character. In Skyrim, you can make some choises too, but they are more of the line who to serve and how to get into a fight.

In Dragon Age I like how they offer you a spectrum of responses and possibility to handle situations just by persuading people, which I like to do.

I am playing with a female human mage. And as usual I am making this multiclass character or a battlemage of sorts.

The characters seem alive and even the going-to-die side characters have stories and even families. I am really looking forwards to seeing all this game has.

I liked the opening story and the wizard academies are so my favourite environment.

The double handed sword animations for the mage are so clumsy, aww. But it is awesome when you actually beat someone. Most of the time my character stays back and heals and buffs up other members.

And the dog :3 I named it Strawberry, as you can see.

Here is my blood soaked adventuring party at the moment. A mod enables me to have them all. I would like to drop Alistair maybe in favor of someone else, but I kinda like how he and Morgana arque and annoy each other all the time.

My friend Zhamul is teaching me to play AirMech.

The game is full of unlockable units and pilots and stuff. I have played just the tutorial and everything is confusing.

My friend Zhamul is teaching me to play AirMech.

The game is full of unlockable units and pilots and stuff. I have played just the tutorial and everything is confusing.


I finally finished Portal and cake was tasty. I really enjoyed the whole game and the athmoshpere they set up with sounds, music and all those little hints and lines during the game.
I played it instantly again in commentary mode and it went by so fast and I realised how short it actually is.
But the commentary made me understand how much design and work went into making it so playable.

I hope I can start with Portal 2 soon and of course those Half-life games are also still waiting 9.9

I was playing TF2 with Evelmiina and Kabomaru.

It started out as a nice 2 vs 2 but more and more people joined and it became very chaotic!

I pulled off a few twitch sniper shots and my heart was racing like crazy :O

Killcam screenshots while playing Skyrim. Hit or miss but always fun to try.

Killcam screenshots while playing Skyrim. Hit or miss but always fun to try.

I tried Torchligt demo this morning. It was like Diablo. Yeah.

I tried Torchligt demo this morning. It was like Diablo. Yeah.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I tried the demo Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The game has a nice start. You are thought to be dead and dumped to mass grave…

Then it becomes your typical fantasy game. Secrets, gnomes, ultimate evil and knights and everything. Very nice graphics and faces but without the quarks and personality prevalent in the Divinity II tha I tried earlier…

What’s more, I had to make an EA account to even play the demo and saving the game did not work. And finally it crashed and bleh :P

For some reason I found my characters unmoving face hilarious. Whatever the situation, she had this “tonnin seteli” look on her face.

Nice fish bonus!

More game tryouts

During this month I tried out some more games.

Civilization IV : I found it fun to build and name cities, but as the game progressed I just kept playing but not really enjoying the game anymore. I promptly deleted the whole game to not get stuck with it.

Interstate 79 : Actually, I have played this one before. About when it came out. My friend got it from the Good old Games and we tried it out. The game is still awesome in music and voice acting. And the cars roll nicely. I want to play it some more when I have time.

Witcher - Enchanted Edition : I bought this one some time ago but have been putting it off so I can get really into it. I am happy that I did, because the introduction was quite long and very nicely done. The gritty athmosphere and visuals combined to make the world seem very real. The only downside is that there is no character creation, but I think the story will be good this way. I want to continue this one too.

School has been going forward. There is the Dare to be Digital Competition coming up, but I am going to Abertay anyway. I am rooting for my friends who have put a team together and have an exellent idea for the competition.

I borrowed two travel guides about Great Britain. First time to borrow something like that. At least he pictures are nice :D

New term and Windows phone voting

New term started yesterday and we are already in full swing :O

1. I got chosen as a programmer, but the whole programming line was merged with game engine programming. Like, a day before school started. I wasn’t happy about that and wrote a reply to the teachers, but it seems that things cannot be changed. I’m going to attend the interesting courses anyway and figure something out for the game engine courses.

2. New projects are starting up and our four producers (namely Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Mussolini) are sorting us to balanced teams. We are to come up with as many ideas as we can and best of those ideas are chosen for further development.

3. There were total of 14 entries to the Nokia’s Windows Phone competition. Next wednesday will be a voting session for students and we need to be there to showcase our game to everyone.

When telling us about the upcoming projects, the teacher took care to mention that visual novels or other forms of story telling would not be allowed :( Luckily I have some other ideas as well.

Next weekend I’ll be at Desucon Frostbite, talking and teaching about Visual Novels.

I spent my holidays petting a fat cat and playing Mount and Blade Warband. I joined the Kingdom of Rhodoks as a mercenary captain and helped them take two castles and managed to capture one enemy commander by myself.

No post without a picture: my character seems to have a heart of steel.