More game tryouts

During this month I tried out some more games.

Civilization IV : I found it fun to build and name cities, but as the game progressed I just kept playing but not really enjoying the game anymore. I promptly deleted the whole game to not get stuck with it.

Interstate 79 : Actually, I have played this one before. About when it came out. My friend got it from the Good old Games and we tried it out. The game is still awesome in music and voice acting. And the cars roll nicely. I want to play it some more when I have time.

Witcher - Enchanted Edition : I bought this one some time ago but have been putting it off so I can get really into it. I am happy that I did, because the introduction was quite long and very nicely done. The gritty athmosphere and visuals combined to make the world seem very real. The only downside is that there is no character creation, but I think the story will be good this way. I want to continue this one too.

School has been going forward. There is the Dare to be Digital Competition coming up, but I am going to Abertay anyway. I am rooting for my friends who have put a team together and have an exellent idea for the competition.

I borrowed two travel guides about Great Britain. First time to borrow something like that. At least he pictures are nice :D